40feet container home #contianerhome A-Z processing #containerhouse #containergardening #containerhome manufacturer

40feet container home #contianerhome A-Z processing #containerhouse #containergardening #containerhome manufacturer

The structure of the home is already built, the roof, walls, and ceiling are completed; all you have to add are the interior details, which can take a considerable amount of time off of the building process.
Container homes can also be built off-site. This decreases build time because there is no travel to and from the building site and all supplies and equipment are readily available and do not have to be shipped to the building site. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to build on a remote site. Off-site building for a remote location can not only mean that your home ready to go quicker, but it can reduce costs as transport of materials and equipment can be costly.
Shipping containers are meant to be moved, this means that there already exists a worldwide system for transporting container houses across both land and sea. Once your home is completed you can basically have it moved anywhere in the country, or even the world!  
If you have already dreamed about living in a remote location, or off-grid, a container home can make that happen! There are many locations that may not be accessible for a construction crew and all the equipment necessary to build a home. Through off-site building storage container houses can open up a number of locations you might not have thought possible to have a home!
With the capability of moving your home if you were in the position of relocating, instead of finding suitable housing, you only need to find a spot of land to put your container home on!
When it comes to the interior finishes and customization of your container house, the possibilities are endless! At Cross Container Homes we have container home plans available. These plans can be tweaked or changed to suit your personal needs. Or you can work with one of our designers to develop your own plan that meets your every need. Maybe you love to cook and a fully equipped kitchen is important to you, or you need living space that functions well, or even making sure you have a bathtub; our design team will help you create your dream home!
We have plans available with a loft bedroom that allows you more floor space on the main level for living areas, but if you are not interested in dealing with stairs in your container home, we have many container home designs that include the bedroom on the main floor.
Once you have decided on the size and layout of your container home you can begin to choose your interior and exterior finishes. We have a number of options available for each category.
Exterior Siding
•  Metal Siding
• Log Siding
• Vinyl Siding
• Smart Siding
• Pine/Cedar Tongue and Groove
• Combination
Our standard option is laminate plank board. There are a number of styles and colors available. It can even resemble hardwood, tile, or slate. Let us know if there is a different flooring option you are interested in and we’ll work with you to accommodate your desires.
Interior Walls
• Pine tongue and groove
• Barn metal
• Sheetrock
• Combination
The affordability of small house living also gives the opportunity to live a life mortgage free.
With the right small house design you can have a house that collects rainwater for showers or watering plants or even install solar panels on the rooftops. With modifications like this you could greatly reduce your reliance on utility companies, which allows you to save money, or even live completely off-grid.
With the limited space afforded in a tiny house, you automatically move into the minimalistic lifestyle. You can begin to focus on the belongings that truly matter to you and eliminate items that are not highly useful or do not hold a high sentimental value.

If you are considering making the change to container home living, the experts at Cross Container Homes can answer the many questions you may have about the lifestyle. While we have highlighted several benefits here, you may find an unmentioned benefit that speaks to you. We would love to speak with you to answer any questions, discuss the many container home plans we have available or help you design your unique small house plans that will perfectly fit your needs.

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40feet contianer home made by brand new 40ft High Cube shipping container

With built in wire and plumbing(PEX pipe) bathroom and kitchen ready made ready use

New Zealand container home

Australian contianer home

Living container costomize

Tine home

 Professional 40HC manufacturing #contianerhome A-Z processing #containerhouse #containergardening #containerhome manufacturers


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